Eno-Trattoria Da Beppino

info@dabeppino.it -

Via Valdicastello Carducci, 34
55045 Pietrasanta "Versilia" - Toscana
Gradita la Prenotazione al +39 0584 790400

Cene, degustazioni, eventi

The waiting staff move with that effortless efficiency that only years of experience can bring, the wine waiter (or cellar master) has a feel about him that makes you thing each wine is his friend.

We've eaten here before and will eat again - we were not brave, we had the selection of antipasti from the menu as this is a standard of the restaurant that always does well (we probably ordered too much), then we skipped the pasta and went onto meat, this is REAL MEAT Tuscan style a Fiorentina and to be safe I over ordered - what a piece of meat cooked and seasoned as we expected and the flavours didn't disappoint - even with me having been dreaming about this and 'bigging' it up.

Again the restaurant was full, and not with the tourists but more local and mature looking guests - it's great to be treated - and yes we had good wine and yes we had space for desserts etc... until next time!